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Meet The Ladies 

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Gretchen is pictured just a day away from giving birth, it was hot and she wasn't quite in the mood to get her picture taken. But hey, who does just before giving birth! 

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Maize- Reference Dam  deceased 01-09-23 

Winning her 2nd major Maize - One of our cornerstone females to our breeding program

Maize-  Was one of the sweetest cavaliers you ever met.  She had presence and type that she passes onto her offspring.  She had a unique personality and really felt we are her minions and were born  to cater to her which made her the house favorite.  Not only did we love her but she was greatly loved by her former owner Samatha and would also go on overnight sleep overs to Nancy's house who loved her as her own as well.  She will be greatly missed by many. 




Maggie-  Maggie is out of Maize and by Dastin

Maggie is a gorgeous cavalier with soft, loving round eyes and a beautiful long coat with feathering.  She has fine features and we are excited about crossing her on Victor.  She is a pillar of our program.  She has the most loving personality and loves to be with people.  She and Gretchen are best friends.










Gabby- Retired (Pictured Darcy who has shown Gabby, Dastin and Maize for us) 

Gabby is by Maize and out of Madden.  We are so excited and proud of her. Her pedigree is full of AKC winners and she has Maize's sweet but queen like personality.   She has 1 AKC point.  She lives out her best best  life Nancy our close friend and Darcy's mom. 

Emmie - Reference dam (Deceased 10/2017)

Emmie was a beautiful cavalier and upheld what the breed standard is all about.  She wasn't afraid to get dirty but had a natural show presence show about her and a personality that  was queen like.  We really miss her sweet personality and vivacious spirit.  

Ellie - Retired 

Ellie is a out of Emmie and by Charlie.  She is so sweet, she enjoys her days looking for gophers and napping on the couch between watching puppies.  She is enjoying retirement although she is more than happy to oversee the birth and raising of new puppies from any other female. She considers this her job, she is an auntie to all and they better not forget it. 




Rosie - Reference Dam  Rosie is a gorgeous girl out of Ellie and by  Madden.  We are so thankful she is part of our extended cavalier family.   She now gets the run of the house with Larry and Linda and is loved beyond measure.  


Pasja-  (Retired -  Reference Dam) 

Pasja a beautiful Blenheim girl with many champions in her pedigree.  We were fortunate enough to import from Europe as a young adult.   She passed on her loving and quiet personality to her daughter along with a beautiful classic cavalier head.  

Samantha (retired)   Out of Pasja and by Madden 

We are thrilled Samantha is our breeding program.  She has a quiet and loving personaility along with a gorgeous had and correct conformaiton.  We are thrilled to have gotten Samantha out of Pasja and Madden before Pasja retired.  


Gretchen- Out of Samantha and by Dastin .  Gretchen is one of our upcoming matrons of our program.  She has a very loving personality but but finds enough trouble to get into on the farm.  She is forever finding the one sand bur or picker on the farm, which is why her long hair has been clipped short. She is sporty enough to run and get into mischief but equally likes to cuddle on the couch.  She and Maggie and best friends! 

Addi (Retired) - Addi is our only black and tan in our program with Hungarian lineage.   We purchased her from my daughter who wanted to show black and tans at one point.   Since that time, Brooke has become a mother and Addi transitioned to our house with occasional sleep over at Brookes.   As you can tell Addi is quite the character. She is a fun loving cavalier with a comical personality and doesn't miss a beat to find food.   If she were a human she would be the class clown!  Pictured next to her is her daughter Maddie, who is by Victor.  Another full sibling (Traveler was just born in March of 2023).     Both of those puppies will grow to be  future pillars in our program. 

Maddie - Out of Addi and by Victor.   Where to begin, I am not suppose to have favorites but I will admit it, she is my favorite next to Wildman.   She is our 2nd generation home raised black and tan color that we are adding  to our program.  We couldn't be happier with her with her conformation, character and presence.   She knows she is pretty special.   Maddie has an awesome unique personality that is both comical (she got that from Addi)  and inquisitive. She is very smart and sure tries to make good decisions to stay out of trouble.  She is one that you can see her think about it before she does it.   

Eve-  Eve is our newest addition to our program.  She is from the show kennel Sunridge Run  and has a strong pedigree of proven producers of champions and pet.  We are thrilled that Samantha thought enough of our program to allow us the opportunity to own this beautiful girl.  Her first litter has arrived and they have exceeded our expectations!  We already have a Blenheim female picked out to be our next show hopeful out of Victor!  


In Loving Memory of Maggie 

Maggie Lynn  05/15/04- 01/08/17

Pictured with her best friend Emmie. 


Maggie was how it all began with Cavaliers!   She was the best cavalier in the world and was spoiled rotten.  She had the neatest personality almost human like and because of her our love for cavaliers was immediate.  

It was a devastating loss for our family but with all fur babies we know that we will likely need to say goodbye at some point.  It doesn't  make the loss and void any easier but knowing she had a wonderful life and was loved even after she took her last breath brings comfort on some level. Its all we ever wanted for her and its all she ever wanted to do for us.   

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