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About us

Jesus said to them "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

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At Whispering Meadows, we love our dogs and share our life with them in all we do.  This ensures that your future fur baby family member has the best start to life and is a well rounded, socialized puppy from day one  - Kristen

About Us:

Whispering Meadows is located in Clintonville, WI. Although our winters are long and cold, the summers are beautiful.  The days are long and full of warm sun, beautiful green hills and flat land of knee deep alfalfa and corn fields.  We are human and make plenty of mistakes but we try to live with Christian values with God leading our marriage, individual life and an ethical dog program.  

 My vision is simple.  To raise the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  I can within the breed standard.  I have built my program through hard work, dedication and staying on course with my plan to produce a quality, healthy  puppy at an affordable price.  This is such a unique and wonderful breed that it makes all the hard work worthwhile.    

I don't breed Cavaliers because I have to. I breed them because I want to.  I want to share this breed with others and I love meeting new people and introducing them to the breed.  You will find many champions not only in the pedigree of our dogs but the dogs themselves have showed a little or been finished.  Who cares you may think to yourself, I just want a pet.  That may be so, but you get the extra guarantee that your puppy will mostly likely have the classical cavalier style and personality.   If my dog gets a show point or gains a title it tells me my program is still on track, their conformation is meeting the standard.  This should bring comfort to you even as a pet owner.  

My husband, Gene is not only my partner in life, he is such with the horses and dogs as well.  He enjoys being around the horses as long as he doesn't have to get on one!   He is a dog person to through and through. You can always find Gene going through his daily chores at home with all the dogs at side.  No one is ever left out by Gene and each one gets individual attention and love.  I swear we go through more treat money that anyone else I know!  I am so thankful God has brought this man into my life. 

May 1,2017 changed our life forever.  Our son, (My husband's middle son) was killed in a car accident.  The only blessing that came out of this tragedy is that Bryan found the love of a beautiful woman and was married. About 1 week before he was killed in a car accident he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Although all these words sound foreign to me as I type them I am thankful and grateful that he found God. I am 100% certain he is with God. You see, when we received a call early morning that he had been in an accident and it was bad we flew around letting dogs and horses out quick before we took off to drive to Indiana.  I was letting a horse out of the stall and praying to God at the same time. I was praying that He would heal Bryan and let him be ok.  I had and still do  struggle to hear the Lords voice, like some say you can.  I typically only have the "gut feeling" but this time I heard God  loud and clear. "Don't pray for your will, my will will be done". I argued with the Lord and said, "no, and began to beg God to please let him be ok.  Again I heard "no, my will will be done". I said no, please let him be ok    He again said in a loud voice. "My will will be  done, I have your son". That shook me to the core because as a selfish human I wanted him back.  A peace filled me and  I knew it was God. I knew Bryan was already gone but I didn't want to believe it, even though I heard it clearly. I selfishly wanted Bryan to be ok for my husband, his siblings, myself and everyone else he loved.   We quickly were on our way to Indiana and didn't get to far before we got another phone that Bryan was dead.  In that moment even though I knew his soul was with God our life changed. I watch my husband age before my eyes and it was surreal how movements became in slow motion. 

We learned to piece our lives back together but only through the strength of Jesus Christ.  It certainly isn't easy but I can't imagine going through something like this without faith and hope that our journey is not over, we will see Bryan again.   

Genes oldest son Ryan has a beautiful family of his own and lives in Indiana. Just like his dad, Ryan has a love of dogs as does his entire family.  Briana their oldest loves to sing.  Lexi their middle child is a natural pitcher and is on a traveling softball league where she is their starting pitcher. She is equally talented with brains and is involved with robotics. Their youngest, Carson is so special.  While he is all boy and loves to wrestle with dad and play Fort Nite of all things with his Grandpa, Aunt and dad.   He has such a kind soul for dogs and loves everyone he meets. 

Genes daughter Angie also has a family of her own and lives in Indiana.  She is a beautiful, bold and smart woman, although she is a work aholic.  She has so many traits of her father.  She would do anything for anybody and has a deep love for the elderly.  She definitely is one of my favorite humans.   

My oldest daughter Chelsie (31) has a family of her own now.  Time sure flies.   She still enjoys riding colts, trail riding and barrel racing but these days she enjoys going to swap meets to buy and sell chickens and small animals.  She recently has added cattle to her hobby farm.  She owns her own business  and is an equine dentist.  She also has her LPN license to fall back on someday.   She has blessed us with 2 handsome grandsons.   Brayden does have his own pony but the verdict is out if he really likes horses or if he just does it to do something right now.   

My daughter, Brooke (30) is a mother to twins.  I always tease her that she had twins because the Lord knew one baby wouldn't keep her in check, now she is to busy and tired to be my wild child that she once was..... (or so I think... once a mother, always a mother :) )  She has a fun loving personality and always takes time out of her day to say hi to us or to come over and spend time with us and play with puppies. 

My youngest, Justin (25) is engaged now to a beautiful young lady.  She is good for him keeping him on the straight and narrow.  They are growing as a couple and planning a wedding for later 2024.   They both are mechanical and like to fix things which is a long standing hobby on her side of the family.  Both enjoy fixing up tractors and going to tractor pulls.    


Even though I live to rodeo and barrel race, as do my girls, I try to keep everything balanced with the Good Lords help and strive to do it all with christian values.

My daily goal is to share something about Jesus Christ with someone. Weather it be living that others notice I am christian through my actions or just telling someone about Jesus Christ or giving my testimony. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know us. 


My husband Gene, who is my love and partner in life. With Jesus Christ front and center of our marraige we can overcome anything.   

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